Changes in Haven


Haven has had an amazing year!  Not only have we been successful, but we have seen lots of changes.  Haven decided to add a full-time lactation consultant to our staff as well as merge businesses with a photographer who specializes in newborn and maternity photos.  We have space in our store for the consultant to meet with parents in a quiet, private space.  Our photography studio has access to a nursing room, restroom, changing station, play area, and snacks to help everyone feel more comfortable.  The photographer is equipped to be mobile in order to commemorate the precious moments of a new baby and departing angels.   Newborn Photography

Our business idea has been so successful, that we were approached for a franchising opportunity.  We didn’t feel like this should be a business run by a corporation.  We wanted to keep it in families, so we decided to expand nationally and internationally with a few friends scattered around the globe.  These are families that feel as passionate as we do about all little ones.

Our organization looks a lot different than it did when we first opened our doors, but we feel it has maintained the close-knit, focused family environment that we want our clients to enjoy and seek out.  Jennifer Young is still the owner of the business and is in charge of all merchandising.  Amy Lachlan and the photographer with Sweet Pea Images are full-time employees who report directly to Jennifer Young.  These individuals assist in the store when they are not providing designated services to the clients.

Updated Organizational Chart

Expanded Org Chart




The company that I would like to create would simply be called Haven.  This company would be a specialty business that would cater to grieving moms, future moms, expectant moms, new moms, babies, toddlers, and anyone who loves children.  It would be a safe space to enjoy the little things that bring smiles and light to many people’s eyes.

Operational Goals

  1. Earn $1,000 in net profit monthly.
  2. Increase customer database to 100 within six (6) months.
  3. Establish relationships with ten (10) vendors within six (6) months.
  4. Attend at least one (1) industry convention to seek out new products every year.
  5. Reconcile accounts on a daily basis.

Organizational Structure

This company will start out as a very small, independent business.  The staff would include myself, as well as close family members.  Family members would be volunteering their time until the customer base and profit was consistent enough to sustain paid staff.  The $1,000 in net monthly profit would be used as salary to offset the costs of personal bills.

An increase to the customer database would mean additional revenue as well as a target for marketing efforts.  Establishing relationships with vendors would allow me to find new products, and decrease costs by using volume discounts.  Industry conventions would provide additional vendor contacts, inventory ideas, and distribution center opportunities.

It would be extremely important to track all revenue and expenses for the business as it grows.  Reconciling accounts daily would allow the owner to set goals for the remainder of the sales period, track inventory, and assess needs of customers.  As the business grew, the accounts could be managed with software, or with the services of an accountant.

Haven Org Chart

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness of USAA


  1. What does the organization do?  What is its major work activity?

“USAA’s mission is to facilitate the financial security of its members, associates and their families by providing a full range of highly competitive financial products and services.  In so doing, we seek to be the provider of choice for the military community.” (USAA)

USAA is a financial services company which began as an insurance company for officers in the armed forces.  As time went on, the company has diversified its offerings as well as opened membership to enlisted, dependents, prior military and their widows.  The company is extremely diversified, but its main line of business remains focused on auto and home insurance programs.

  1. How does the org score on efficiency?

1          2         3         4         5

I would score USAA as a five on the efficiency measurement.  USAA has six different companies that focus solely on their respective group of services and products.  All six divisions (USAA, Operating Companies) are then led by a corporate governance structure that has both paid and unpaid members which focus on general improvements for all oversight such as finance, human resources, and diversification (USAA, Corporate Governance).

USAA is more dominant in the area of efficiency.  This is not typical of all financial services companies.  USAA was built on a very customer-oriented focus and it has retained that focus.  Their goal is to provide services at a low cost, to their target audience, rather than worrying about maximizing profits.  Their philanthropic efforts and diversification history demonstrate their ability to change to fit the emerging needs of their demographics.

USAA is the biggest employer of military dependents and prior military service members (USAA, By The Numbers), and it returns a large portion of its profit back to members on a yearly basis in order to decrease policy premiums.

USAA states a commitment to the environment through its energy conservation, recycling, paper reduction, air quality, and water initiatives.  The company is ranked among the top 40 largest users of renewable power among the list of Fortune 500 companies, has earned Energy Star ratings in their four main facilities,  and received certificates for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). (USAA)

  1. How does the org score on effectiveness?

1          2         3         4         5

I would score USAA as a four on the effectiveness scale.  USAA has consistently built its membership and profit margin while maintaining status in the Fortune 500 and a high rate of customer satisfaction and retention.  The company is ranked as the 5th largest insurer, 8th largest credit card provider, and 27th largest bank (USAA).  Forbes has also ranked it as number 33 in the list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For (Fortune).

USAA has a limited audience reach through its focus on past and present military members and their dependents.  Many of their services are free of charge.  This approach has built a strong, loyal customer base.  The drawback to this approach is the lost revenue opportunities.

  1. Where would the organization like to be in the graph?

 USAA strives to be in Quadrant D.  They want to provide high-quality products and services that deliver value to their customers.  USAA also wants to be a successful company that can provide these services at affordable and competitive prices which maintains loyalty and attracts new customers from a narrow target market.

  1. Does the position correspond to the vision and mission statements of the organization?

The position of USAA on the Effectiveness/Efficiency graph is very complementary of their goals in their Mission and Values (USAA) statement.  The only thing that would align their statement and position more would be to expand their offering for long-term care and return more profit to their members.

Efficiency vs

Quad D = High/high = competitive complex and volatile environments requiring innovations and cost competition.

Quad D may be the most sought after position, achieved perhaps through a revolving process of focus shift (i.e. efficiency most of the time with busts of effectiveness OR have one department focus on efficiency while another focuses on innovation.

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