Changes in Haven


Haven has had an amazing year!  Not only have we been successful, but we have seen lots of changes.  Haven decided to add a full-time lactation consultant to our staff as well as merge businesses with a photographer who specializes in newborn and maternity photos.  We have space in our store for the consultant to meet with parents in a quiet, private space.  Our photography studio has access to a nursing room, restroom, changing station, play area, and snacks to help everyone feel more comfortable.  The photographer is equipped to be mobile in order to commemorate the precious moments of a new baby and departing angels.   Newborn Photography

Our business idea has been so successful, that we were approached for a franchising opportunity.  We didn’t feel like this should be a business run by a corporation.  We wanted to keep it in families, so we decided to expand nationally and internationally with a few friends scattered around the globe.  These are families that feel as passionate as we do about all little ones.

Our organization looks a lot different than it did when we first opened our doors, but we feel it has maintained the close-knit, focused family environment that we want our clients to enjoy and seek out.  Jennifer Young is still the owner of the business and is in charge of all merchandising.  Amy Lachlan and the photographer with Sweet Pea Images are full-time employees who report directly to Jennifer Young.  These individuals assist in the store when they are not providing designated services to the clients.

Updated Organizational Chart

Expanded Org Chart


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