Culture Exercise


Clan Culture – 8 Points

Adaptability Culture – 14 Points

Mission Culture – 11 Points

Bureaucratic Culture – 3 Points

The lowest score I received was in the category of bureaucratic culture.  I am a highly focused individual who likes stability, efficiency, set policies, regulations, and consistency.  It does not surprise me that I was categorized in this area.  Having read the cultural descriptions I would have easily placed myself in the same category.  The organization that I currently work at is certainly not a bureaucratic culture, but my specific job duties play well into this culture making it a good fit for my personality as well as an important preference to ensure that my job is done correctly to assist with the success of the organization.

The highest score that I received was the adaptability culture.  This classification was as expected as my lowest score.  When changes occur in my environment it makes me uncomfortable.  I fight change, am very firm in my beliefs, and it takes me a long time to accept new ideas.  I do not consider myself creative and truly feel uncomfortable when given tasks that involve this component.  The organization that I work at is well known for their adaptability and it has forced me to confront these personal stumbling blocks.  Through doing this I have seen some of the wonderful things that come out of constant change such as department success, strong group cohesiveness, and excitement at opportunities that helps the department and the institution as a whole.


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